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New Look 6370 (Dress No. 4 in Navy)

Here's New Look 6730's dress No. 4:

One more made by me piece added to my wardrobe! YAY!

I used a solid midnight navy linen for this dress and of the 4, this is the only solid. I'm really comfortable in solids and it is my fave! I sewed it like all of the others, with the neckline changed to be square round, and with side seam pockets.

Here's the pattern again:

I have one more cut out in a cornflower blue cotton print and after that's done, I think I'll call it a day for this pattern for now.

After the next dress from this pattern is done, which will hopefully be in the next few days, I am either going to finish my navy blue capsule from McCalls 5434:

or I'm going to start on a Vogue Designer SWAP, with maybe a Simplicity Cynthia Rowley style or two thrown in. I just started sewing again a few years ago and during that time, I've bought a lot of Vogue designer and Simplicity Rowley patterns (not hundreds and hundreds, but what I have is a lot for me. Mo…

New Look 6130 - TNT - Dress #4

Last night, I spent 15 minutes hemming my jade green silk dress, and it is DONE!

This is the 4th dress that I've sewn with New Look 6130:

I made the boat neck version first with a cherry print and sewed it as is, but I didn't like the neckline on me. I tried to fix it, but gave up when I realized that I didn't like the fabric either. 
After I redrafted the neckline to a round square one, and adjusted the pattern to fit me, then sewed it in a lavender print, I knew I had a winner for me! I now have 3 dresses in this style! Love it!!!
Dress #4 in this style in a cornflower blue print is up next. 
If I have time for my 20 minutes of sewing tonight, I'll get started on the bodice.
After the New Look basic dresses are done, I want to sew a series of sheaths. I'm thinking of kicking that series off with a nod adieu to the Vogue Donna Karan/DKNY line by using Vogue 1809, which I already have in my pattern stash. View A: 

Hope everyone is well! Summer

New Look 6587 X Two - Shirtwaist Dress

I love the look of the dresses from OOP New Look 6587:

What I really like about it is that it has a collar on a stand that's on a v-neck.  I love it!!
I've had this pattern for around a year and have been meaning to make it for all of that time.  But I put it off and made more simple knit things instead.  It was a good decision at the time, but right now that's not what I want to make more of.
When I created my wardrobe plan, I decided that I was going go only with things that I really wanted.  I wasn't going to just have a plan of things that I knew I could sew quickly. I'm actually a little tired of quick and easy knit sewing.  Practically everything I've sewn that turned out well since I started sewing again has been knits.  So going with a lot of wovens right now is what I want to do.
I have been wanting a denim shirtwaist dress for the longest time and decided that this was the one that I was going to make!  Not only did I make one, but after the first one was…

New Look 6373 (Rompers, Almost Done)

I am working on the rompers from New Look 6373.  I really love the ruffle on this:

I used a rayon print and started on this late on Sunday afternoon.  I didn't quite finish, but I did make a lot of progress.

I had to make some changes to get it to be exactly what I want.  I added 2 side seam pockets (love pockets on everything!), am giving it a back zipper closing (to make it easy to get in and out of), and will have a self belt tied at the waist. I am seriously thinking about eliminating the elastic waist, as I don't really like elastic at the waist when I'm sewing with wovens. 

Just a little bit more to go!  Can't wait to finish so I can wear it already!


Simplicity A1229 (reissue of 2603) - Green ITY Knit Cardi

I finally finished Simplicity's It's So Easy A1229:

It's a reissue of OOP Simplicity 2603, one of the first patterns ever for the now ubiquitous waterfall cardi.  Simplicity 2603 was based on Donna Karan's design for what she called a "cozy."  Here's the original pattern (notice that it's for 2 lengths):

I don't have 2603 because it's OOP and sort of hard to find, but I am really glad that I do have A 1229.  Simplicity A 1229 is only for the top and the long length cardi.

I wanted the short length and found that it was a breeze to simply fold the pattern piece to shorten it:

I have had the green ITY knit the I used in my stash for, I would say ages, but I only started sewing again around 2 years ago, so it's not really ages.  It's more like it's been in my stash for almost 2 years and it's been earmarked for this cardi from the beginning.  A few weeks ago, I cut it out, but it's been sitting since then.  I was thinking that I&#…

Emerald Green is for the Last Two Weeks of January!

I am loving the color emerald green right now and couldn't resist taking a pic of a rack of green dresses when I was at Macy's yesterday!  I want the green segment of my closet to look like this:

Except for a few green things in the wash, and some green camis that are in my dresser, the green segment of my wardrobe is made up of my Christmas dress, 2 RTW INC sleeveless peplum tops in slightly different shades of green, 1 Banana Republic peasant blouse, 1 Charter Club sleeveless knit tee, and the fauna printed sleeveless wrap top and skirt that I made recently.  I took a pic of the green segment of my wardrobe.  Sure doesn't look like it belongs to someone who likes green:

It's more RTW than made by me.  I need to fix this, and am on it.  Right now, I am working on a simple green waterfall cardi.  After I attach the sleeves and finish the edges, it'll be done and my green segment will be +1:

I have some leftover fabric, and after the cardi's done, I'm going to …